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Wanna try some cool new games for FREE? Congamez Software is the place to look. We make the best games we can. New releases include "SpongeBob: Battle for Bikini Bottom 2" and "Blue Colors: Into the New World", which is a crossover! We don't just sell games, we make them. And best of all, they're all free! Absolutely positively handsome-spanking free!

In order to download content from the website you must be able to find it in the cShop AND the 'View Stuff' blog. 

Official YouTube channel: 

NOTE TO ALL FANS: If you are using the mobile site, click on the button that takes you to the full site. If your on a phone and are reading this on the main site, good job!

NOTE TO ALL FANS: The Congamez Hub is something you must download for any future game downloads. It contains the cShop, and some other surprises! Well, it includes an updater that you should check every so often. CURRENT VERSION: 1.0