Congamez Software

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Blue Adventures - A game where all you do is help some kid find his way to a city, and then defeat a monster. Twice.

Blue Adventures 2!! - You're using your imagination to the full game, LITTERALLY, and your a cowboy. That's it.

NEW Blue - A spin-off DSi game where you stop a living STYLUS from his evil plans.

Blue Adventures 3!!! - Your saving your sister, Red, from same stylus as previous game.

Blue Discoveries - Another spin-off game where you're saving the town from evil pens.



SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom 2: Our first game released for multiple platforms (PC, DSi, and eventually the iPad), this dumb-as-heck game involves different plots based on platform.

Mario Kart: Turbo Circuit - A cheap racing game based off of the famous Mario Kart series.

Blue Colors: Into the New World - A crossover between Blue and YouTube's cancelled Tommy Mercer. An uncanon spin-off to both.

SpongeBob HeroPants 2 - I don't even want to TALK about this one.


2016+ (cancelled due to closing)

Blue 4: Teleclone Trio: Blue clones himself thrice and one clone tries destroying the universe.

Sammy and the Walnuts: The Apocalypse - A zombie apocalypse happens for NO REASON. Sammy has to stop it.